Picture of Kyle Tarlton
Kyle Tarlton
Greater Sudbury, ON

Winter League update

Winter Leagues update! We've spoken to the owner of the indoor soccer field on Falconbridge and they should be making their schedule early next week. He said it shouldn't be a problem to have a similar time as last year which…

Ultimate AGM 0519

Thank you to the everyone who came out to our AGM! We collected some great ideas and feedback and also have a new board! Not everyone in this picture is on the board. You can meet these fine folks here: http://sudburyultimate.com/meet-the-board…

Picture of Kyle Tarlton
Kyle Tarlton
Greater Sudbury, ON

Turf pickup this week:

We have two ultimate games this week on the Turf at James Jerome field (Across from Science North).
Monday Aug 31 6:30pm - 8pm
Thursday Sept 3rd 8pm - 9:30pm

All you need is $5 and a BLACK and a WHITE shirt!



As part of National Coaches Week in Ontario and in partnership with the Ontario Disc Sports Association and the Sudbury Ultimate Club, we will be offering the following NCCP Sport-Specific course free of charge…

Hello and welcome to Das Boot 2015!
A little information for tomorrow to help everyone out in planning. 
We are playing at Sacre Coeur on Notre Dame - it is at Kathleen Street, across from the Food Basics.  There…

Picture of Kyle Tarlton
Kyle Tarlton
Greater Sudbury, ON

We play in rain

Ultimate In Rain

Just a reminder: We play ultimate in the rain! Especially as this is the final game, and we have no easy way to make up the game, we will only call it at the last minute if there is lightning. The…

Don't miss the next 3 big events at Sudbury Ultimate!

Event Description Registration
Das Boot Tournament August 22nd (Sat) Pre-registration REQUIRED by Friday 8pm so we can make teams!
1-day tournament this Saturday, at Sacre Coeur on Notre Dame.
Tournament consists…

Glow Ultimate

Join us after the regular games for Glow Ultimate! This is an amazingly fun game of Ultimate played in the DARK with just glow bracelets and anklets to identify your team!
$5 cash (or credit) will cover the field and all…

Stack Brewing

Want to learn how Stack Brewing makes their great beer? Then come on out to the brewery on August 26th, starting at 6pm, and you can see the process from start to finish, meet some of the employees, and have access…

Stack Logo Red

Don't miss out!

Sudbury Ultimate has gone from 120 Social league players last year to 200 this year which means this will be our biggest party yet!  Come join us for fantastic food, fantastic Stack beer, lots of prizes!

Overtime truly…